The St. Augustine performs basic research that addresses the challenges worldwide. We seek to improve the future for the most vulnerable through our research.  Our development campaign raises funds to pursue innovations that will transform medicine to meet the challenges of the next century.  ​​


Seed Research Campaign – Goal: $500K Annually 
Exploratory research targeted global challenges. St. Augustine Medical and Research Center's researchers continually identify intriguing possibilities for scientific discovery as they pursue their larger research agendas. Our senior scientists use these funds to capitalize rapidly on their insights and drive the direction of this fast-moving field of research. We prioritize the use of these funds through an internal competitive process. These research funds into St. Augustine’s research initiatives and help recruit the best researchers to our state.  Seed research programs can also be leveraged to bring additional research funding to the state of Arizona.

Equipment and Infrastructure Campaign - $5.5M Capital Campaign 
Build St. Augustine’s Medical & Research Center’s core capabilities. St. Augustine’s biomedical and bioengineering capability depends on rapidly developing technology.  Our Equipment and Infrastructure capital campaign invests in the infrastructure that drives cutting edge research at St. Augustine. This campaign provides critical matching funds for research dollars from government sources and foundations.

Training Programs Campaign - Goal: $250K annually provides support for 5 to 8 students 
Provide hands-on technical training opportunities for students in United States. St. Augustine Medical and Research Center provides internships and training programs for students across the nation.  We are continually expanding our hands-on technical training opportunities for students. Students work in our greenhouse and laboratory as technicians or directly support research programs. These programs provide on the job training for careers in bio-technology.


St. Augustine researchers would like to engage with the people who care about what we do; our contributors become part of our community. We recognize four levels of individual and corporate contributors.  Through our donor program, we seek to build our community and engage in a dialogue on the mission and impact of our work with the people who care about what we do. 

Member (Up to $4,999) – St. Augustine holds lecture series and workshops for our members where we explore our research and its impact on the world. Members have priority for unique volunteer opportunities to engage in our programs.

Patron ($5,000 to $24,999) - Patrons receive the benefits of Members and may participate in private tours of our programs and family nights.

Benefactor ($25,000 to $249,999) – Benefactors have the benefits of Members and Patrons.  They are also invited to participate in our Business Network Group.  This group advises us on the strategy and direction of our development efforts and our research..

Partner ($250,000+) – Partners receives the benefits of other contribution levels.  They also may establish a relationship with our research teams, work with specific teams to establish research goals and investigate their impact.  They have opportunities to engage with the teams as they work.

Partners, Benefactors and Patrons receive individual recognition in our lobby, on our website and in donor recognition publications.  We offer Partners and Benefactors naming opportunities in our laboratory and recognize Partners and Benefactors at our public events and in our pamphlets. Partners also receive unique naming opportunities and are recognized in all press releases and publications related to our Biology initiative. 
How to Give
Your investment in the St. Augustine Medical and Research Center will make difference for United State and for the world. There are many ways to support St. Augustine.

Donations of cash and annual pledge commitments can be made by check or credit card: 

By Check: Please make checks to “St. Augustine Medical" and mail to St. Augustine Medical’s, 15331 W. Bell Road Suite 212-11, Surprise, AZ 85374.

By Credit or Debit Card: Contact the Development Director to set up your payment over the phone
Gifts of appreciated assets are often a tax-efficient way to make charitable gifts compared to cash. Most gifts of appreciated assets that you have held long term (defined as more than one year) are fully deductible at fair market value, and you do not incur a tax on unrealized capital gain. 

With a bequest, you designate either a fixed amount or a percentage of the remainder of your estate to charity upon death. This gift will be free of estate or other taxes. If you contact St. Augustine regarding your intentions, you can be recognized now for your commitment to this future contribution, and you will have the option to designate your gift for a specific purpose.

Contact the Development Director to explore pledge and giving options, gifts to honor or remember others, as well as giving societies and naming opportunities.